Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

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Post Operative Knee Brace

LUMIUM designed and developed a Pilot operated Pressure reducing Valve. The challenge here was to develop a unique product without infringing any IPR of similar Valves present in the Market.

Apart from the uniqueness the product performance was the prime concerns of the design team. The proposed solution marked a large improvement in ease of assembly, safety & Performance of the product. Extensive use of CAE techniques like CFD and FEA was done to arrive at the final design. The Cage design resulted in the reduction of Noise level to a considerable level as compared to the competitors. The pilot placement design resulted in an increased flexibility for the location of the Valve.

Lumium supervised the Prototyping & Validation along with the client team. Lumium was also responsible for the Vendor identification, Qualification and co-ordination for the development of the Valve.

Post Operative Knee Brace
Post Operative Knee Brace